Table 1

Regions of M. tuberculosis complex genes analyzed for nucleotide sequence diversity

GeneSize, bpProductNo. of strains analyzedNucleotides sequenced, positionsNo. of sites with silent variationGenBank accession no.
katG 2,170Catalase-peroxidase551,991–4,1605 X68081
katG 570Catalase-peroxidase3602,881–3,3302 X68081
rpoB 350RNA polymerase, beta subunit30583 –4322 L05910
mabA 700Fatty acid biosynthesis enzyme461–7001 U02492
mabA 468Fatty acid biosynthesis enzyme9265–5331 U02492
inhA 805Enoyl reductase72986–1,7940 U02492
gyrA 318DNA gyrase, A subunit6292,384–2,7016 L27512
gyrB 351DNA gyrase, B subunit171,580–1,9300 L27512
hsp65 36665-kDa heat shock protein267453–8180 M15467
rpsL 350Ribosomal protein S1217810–3591 L08011
rrs 1,04216S rRNA1221–1,0460 X52917
aroA 3495-Enolpyruvylshikimate-3-P synthase8714–1,0630 M62708
recA 349RecA protein91,646–1,9950 X58485
ahpC 588Alkylhydroperoxide reductase97628–1,2160 U16243
ahpC (upstream)421Alkylhydroperoxide reductase196981–1,4010 U16243
oxyR* 528Pseudogene1171–5285 U16243
rpoV 288Principal sigma factor482,192–2,4800 U21134
16-kDa Ag65616-kDa antigen3525–6800 S79751
embC-A 568Glycosyltransferase10180–6470 U68480
embA 1,197Glycosyltransferase432,720–3,9161 U68480
embA 1,850Glycosyltransferase7920–2,7700 U68480
embB 3,295Glycosyltransferase191–3,2941 U68480
embB 2,560Glycosyltransferase3640–3,2000 U68480
embB 1,952Glycosyltransferase8698–2,0500 U68480
mpcA 1,563Phospholipase30438–2,0002 U49511
mpcA–B 501Phospholipase region351,748–2,2490 U49511
pncA 488Pyrazinamidase5030–5180 U59967
pncA 630Pyrazinamidase131−82 to 5582 U59967
Monooxygenase (upstream)3402911,121–11,4600 Z80108
pzaA 1,567Pyrazinamidase3054–1,6200
mdh 1,551Malate dehydrogenase34928–2,4780
ndh 1,597NADH dehydrogenase56921–2,5170
ideR 850DtxR homolog22−120 to 7301 U14191
  • Ag, antigen. 

  • * oxyR is a pseudogene and, therefore, all polymorphisms are silent. 

  • Unpublished sequence.