Table 2

Effect of loss of p53 on the incidence of apoptotic cell death in human colonic carcinomas

Tumor name in Boland et al. (42)17p LOHApoptotic cells
 2, Right+0.60%0.51%
 4, Right+0.85%3.35%
11, Left+0.53%0.63%
 8, Left+1.20%0.51%
13, Left+0.46%0.82%
17, Left+1.38%0.38%
22, Left+0.95%0.57%
29, Left+1.70%0.57%
 3, Right2.35%1.30%
15, Left0.91%0.87%
10, Left2.17%1.11%
28, Left4.48%0.35%
20, Left1.30%0.97%
21, Left2.04%1.52%
  • * + indicates that LOH of loci on chromosome 17p, including the p53 gene, was detected in the highly dysplastic regions (HGD or high-grade dysplasia) of adenoma but not in the neighboring regions of the same adenomas with a lower degree of dysplasia (LGD or low-grade dysplasia) in a previously reported study (42). − indicates that LOH of chromosome 17p was not detectable in regions with either high or low grades of dysplasia. 

  • The numeric values represent the mean percentage of the epithelial cells that were apoptotic. Percentage of apoptotic cell was determined for 10 independent, nonoverlapping segments of the adenoma or the carcinoma regions using a combination of TUNEL and histological characterization performed on two tissue sections of each tumor.