Table 1

List and APC gene status of cell lines examined

Cell lineAPC status
Colo 201*Mutant
Colo 205*Mutant
Colo 320Mutant
DLD 1Mutant
SW 1222Mutant
SW 832Mutant
HT 29Mutant
LS 174TWild type
SW 403Mutant
CACO 2Mutant
SW 480+Mutant
SW 620+Mutant
SW 948Mutant
HCA 7Wild type
HRA 19Mutant
HCT 116Wild type
HCA 46Uncertain
SW 48Wild type
SW 1417Mutant
SKCO 1Mutant
  • The APC status of the cell line HCA 46 is currently unknown. Mutations have not been detected by the Protein Truncation Test for exon 15 and neither wild-type nor truncated APC protein is detectable by Western blotting. ∗ and + indicate origin from the same patient. (References for these cell lines are available from the authors.)