Table 5

Mapping of Tn5367 insertion mutants in M. tuberculosis and BCG

MutantGene interruptedSC or MC cosmidSequence of the transposon duplication
M. tuberculosis Erdman
 mc23002UnknowncY75.unf (SC)CATTCATT
 mc23003Ferritin H (rsgA)MTCY1A6 (SC)AATAAACC
 mc23004UnknowncY23H3 (SC)CGTTATCG
 mc23005UnknowncSCY03A11 (SC)TGTTTGAC
 mc23006TransketolasecY454 (SC)GTGAAACC
 mc23007UnknownMTCY31 (SC)GCTTTTAC
 mc23008Acetyl–CoA synthetaseMSGY409 (MS)GGTTTTGA
 mc23011UnknowncY28.unf (SC)GGTTTCCC
 mc23014Polyketide synthasecSCY22G10 (SC)CAGTAACG
 mc23015Thiosulfate sulfur transferasecY164 (SC)GGTGATCC
 mc23017Imidazole glycerol phosphate dehydrataseNot foundGTGATACA
 mc23019Polyketide synthasecY275,unf (SC)CGGTTTGC
 mc23020Alcohol dehydrogenase (C terminus)MTCY190 (SC)TGGAAACC
 mc21500leuD (insertion in the 6th codon)Not foundGTGAAAGG
 mc21503UnknownNot foundCAAAACCC
 mc21504UnknowncY28.unf (SC)TTCAAACT
 mc21505Translation elongation factor G (efg)Not foundGTTTTTCG
 mc215068-Amino-7-oxononaate synthase (bioF)MTCY10H4 (SC)ACATTTGT
  • Homology to predicted ORF or analogous functions by alignment (blast) to National Center for Biotechnology Information database. DR, direct repeat; SC, Sanger Center, U.K.; MC, Genomic Therapeutics Corporation (Waltham, MA).