Table 1

Proliferation and cytokine production of CD4+ T cells from GM-CSF −/− and +/+ mice immunized with KLH

CD4+ cellAPC*Pulsed KLH, μg/ml[3H]Thymidine uptake, cpm ± SDIFN-γ, units/mlIL-2, pg/mlIL-4, units/ml
Exp. 1
 +/+Spleen cells10068,437  ±  12,39546.965.3218.3
 −/−Spleen cells10010,386  ±  3,2843.4139.330.5
Exp. 2
 +/+B cells1062,285  ±  15,68985.620.559.2
 −/−B cells108,477  ±  2,475<
 −/−B cells1039,884  ±  6,00830.122.124.3
  • Results shown here come from the analysis of individual mice. Comparable results have been obtained in repeated experiments. 

  • * Autologous spleen cells or B cells were used as APC. 

  • Mean ± SD of triplicate determinations using CD4+ T cells and APC from the same mouse. 

  • CD4+ T cells and B cells were from GM-CSF −/− mice supplemented with rGM-CSF in vivo