Table 1

Profiles of HIV-1-infected patients

Patient*CD4+ T cell count prior to HAART, cells/μlCD4+ T cell count at time of study, cells/μlPlasma HIV RNA on HAART, copies/mlAnti-retroviral treatmentMonths receiving HAARTYear sero-conversion
1189367<5003TC, d4T, Indinavir12.51995
2232422<5003TC, d4T, Indinavir8.41991
3359532<500AZT, 3TC, Ritonavir7.01990
4290478<500AZT, 3TC, Indinavir8.01990
5184273<5003TC, d4T, Indinavir10.01987
6305372<5003TC, ddI, Indinavir8.61987
7392556<5003TC, d4T, Indinavir13.01995
8285390<500AZT, 3TC, Indinavir9.31996
9219309<500AZT, 3TC, Indinavir9.21984
108067322,800AZT, 3TC, Saquinavir11.01988
1172221140,900AZT, 3TC, Indinavir13.01986
1215348814ddl, d4T, Ritonavir, Saquinavir14.71989
132001486,518AZT, 3TC, Saquinavir5.51986
  • NA, not applicable. 3TC, lamivudine; d4T, stavudine; AZT, 3′-azido-3-deoxythymidine; ddI, didanosine. 

  • * The informed consent was signed by all patients prior to apheresis. No patients had an opportunistic infection at the time of apheresis. 

  • Plasma HIV RNA was measured using the branched DNA assay (Chiron) with a detection limit of 500 copies/ml. 

  • Indicates the number of months after the start date of protease inhibitor.