Phenotypes of Ku-deficient yeast cells

Strain and temperatureLarge bud,* %No bud,* %Small bud,* %Viability, %Large budded cells
1 nuc.2 nuc.
  1 h185329NDNDND
  4 h21423794NDND
  6 h294031921486
  24 h4752173NDND
BRY2 (hdf1Δ1)
  1 h373033NDNDND
  4 h43233490NDND
  6 h50242597928
  24 h5043721973
BRY5 (rad9Δ, hdf1Δ1)
 37°C, 23 h245620141981
BRY6 (rad9Δ)
 37°C 23 h235324821684
BRY1 + YCpGalRI (hdf1Δ1)
 20°C galactose, 0 h16473798
 20°C galactose, 40 h464410
  • ND, not determined. 

  • On average, 1000 cells were counted. 

  • Viability was determined by counting cells using a Coulter Counter and then plating cells solid growth medium. 

  • No growth.