Substrate selectivity of human FAAH expressed in COS-7 cells and comparison to rat FAAH

SubstrateHuman FAAH rate of hydrolysis, nmol·min−1·mg−1Human FAAH % hydrolysis rateRat FAAH % hydrolysis rate
Anandamide, 100 μM30.7  ± 1.5100100
Oleamide, 100 μM21.5  ± 0.97073
Myristic amide, 100 μM19.8  + 1.46524
Palmitic amide, 100 μM10.2  ± 0.43310
Oleamide, 20 μM 5.5  ± 0.2100100
Stearic amide, 20μM0.32 +
  • FAAH activity measured in transfected COS-7 cells with various 14C-fatty acid amides as substrates. Anandamide and oleamide hydrolysis rates were considered to be 100% of FAAH activity where indicated, to which other fatty acid amide hydrolysis rates were compared. Previously measured relative rates of fatty acid amide hydrolysis for the rat FAAH (23) are listed in the final column for comparison.