Spectrum of Phe+ mutants (insertions of Tn4652 excluded)

MutationStarving cultures on selective plates*Growing cultures without selection
Days 3–7Day 4Day 2
One-base pair substitutions
 C → A41238
 G → T520
 C → T010
  • Independent Phe+ mutants on days 3–7 (exp. 1) and on day 4 (exp. 2) after plating of cells of P. putida strain PaW85[pEST1414] onto phenol-minimal plates were collected, and the plasmid DNA from these mutants was analyzed by sequencing (described in Materials and Methods). 

  • Phe+ mutants collected on day 2 were derived from independent 1-ml cultures plated onto different phenol-minimal plates. Colonies were picked from plates originating from separate cultures.