Table 1

Arabidopsis CyPs interact with VirD2 in the yeast two-hybrid assay

cDNA clone (in pJG4-5)Protein encodedGenBank match (accession no. and ref.)Interaction with LexA fusion to
VirD2 (pEG202D2)VirE2 (pEG202E2)Bicoid (pRFHM1)
pJG4-5Vector only
pD2-130Roc1L14844 (27)+
pD2-294Roc4L14845 (27)+
pD2-342CypA/Cyp1U07276 (28)+
  • The two-hybrid assay was done in yeast strain EGY48, which contains two reporter genes (LEU2 and lacZ) (10). A positive interaction was scored if EGY48 cells carrying a combination of pEG202 and pJG4-5 plasmids stained blue on X-Gal medium and grew in leucine-free medium in the presence of galactose but not glucose.