Table 1

The induction of luminescence in V. harveyi reporter strain BB170 by cell-free culture fluids from V. harveyi, S. typhimurium, and E. coli

Species and strainInduction of luminescence, %
V. harveyi
V. harveyi BB152100
S. typhirmurium LT2237
E. coli
E. coli AB1157106
E. coli DH5α5
E. coli JM10976
E. coli MG1655100
E. coli MC410093
  • Cell-free culture fluids were prepared from various strains of V. harveyi, S. typhimurium, and E. coli as described and tested for production of a signaling substance that could stimulate light production in the reporter strain. V. harveyi BB170. The level of V. harveyi stimulation was normalized to 100%. The data for the 5-hr time point are shown.