Table 1

Laminar distribution of BOLD activation foci

Lateral Ventral
Rat #3100% ONL100% ONL15% ONL18% ONL
46% GL55% GL
39% EPL27% EPL
Rat #4100% ONL100% ONL9% ONL25% ONL
36% GL63% GL
55% EPL12% EPL
  • The laminar distribution of activation is determined for the foci showing large ΔS/S values in the lateral and ventral regions of Fig. 4 A (rat #3) and B (rat #4). The location of each focus is indicated by the dotted circles in the figure. The laminar position of the activated pixels in each circle is determined, and the number of activated pixels in each layer is compared to the total number of activated pixels in the circles to give the percentage laminar distribution.