Table 1

Bootstrap support for Afrotheria and Afrosoricida monophyly

Level of support for monophyly of AfrotheriaLevel of support for monophyly of Afrosoricida
Mitochondrial DNA (43 taxa)
 Parsimony7439 (98, 96, 75, 95)
 Transversion parsimony5679 (92, 96, 55, 100)
 Neighbor joining
  ML8490 (99, 98, 99, 100)
  Logdet8287 (99, 97, 97, 100)
  Tamura-Nei (TV)6975 (86, 96, 90, 94)
 Maximum likelihood77*68* (97, 94, 98, 99)
A2AB (16 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony9936
 Neighbor joining
  Tamura-Nei (TV)9329
 Maximum likelihood10043
vWF (30 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony8058
 Neighbor joining
  ML77 6
  Logdet82 7
  Tamura-Nei (TV)6726
 Maximum likelihood8130
A2AB + vWF (15 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony9957
 Neighbor joining
  Tamura-Nei (TV)10035
 Maximum likelihood10060
 Neighbor joining, amino acids10084
 Amino acid parsimony10061
 Amino acid maximum likelihood9674
A2AB + mtDNA (15 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony10068
 Neighbor joining
  Tamura-Nei (TV)10082
 Maximum likelihood10089
vWF + mtDNA (23 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony9994
 Neighbor joining
  Tamura-Nei (TV)9986
 Maximum likelihood8983
mtDNA + vWF + A2AB  (15 taxa)
 Transversion parsimony10090
 Neighbor joining
  Tamura-Nei (TV)10082
 Minimum evolution − ML10083
 Maximum likelihood10084
A2AB + vWF + α-β hemoglobin  (15 taxa)
 Neighbor joining9988
 Maximum likelihood9772
  • Numbers in parentheses indicate the results of analyses with Africans as ingroup, using armadillo, cow, rat, and human, respectively, as outgroups. Number of taxa were reduced to 24 for analysis indicated with ∗; this set of 24 included all of the insectivores, all of Afrotheria, in addition to the following: mouse, rat, rabbit, human, pangolin, cat, gray seal, horse, cow, fin whale, false vampire bat, long nosed armadillo, and opossum. Number of taxa was reduced to 21 for analysis indicated with † including human, rabbit, elephant shrew, golden mole, hedgehog, tenrec, aardvark, dugong, hyrax, Asian elephant, sloth, mole, tree shrew, pangolin, cow, porpoise, horse, dog, Dobsonia, flying lemur, and rat.