Table 2

Selected RM cDNAs with homologies to known mammalian genes

Clone no.Highly similar mammalian gene
CK02126Human epidermal surface antigen (M60922)
CK02288Human plasma membrane calcium ATPase isoform 3x/b (U60414)
CK01423Human stomatin (X60067)
CK01140Human adenosine triphosphate (M95541)
CK00230Human KDEL receptor (X55885)
CK00459Rat purine-specific Na+ nucleoside cotransporter (U25055)
CK01227Human multidrug resistance associated protein (L05628)
CK02656Mouse ABC8 (Z48745)
CK00309Canine docking protein (SRP receptor) (X06272)
CK01110Human testican (X73608)
CK00043Human SEC13R membrane protein (L09260)
CK00325Human sulfonylurea receptor (L40625)
CK01510Human K-Cl cotransporter, hKCC1 (U55054)
CK01296Rat TRAP complex γ subunit (Z14030)
CK02248Rat Dri42 (Y07783)
CK01027Human bumetanide-sensitive Na-K-Cl cotransporter (U30246)
CK02682Mouse reticulocalbin (D13003)
CK00198Mouse macrophage scavenger receptor (M59445)
CK01823Human E16 (M80244)
CK00539Human LDL-receptor related protein (X13916)
CK01577Mouse scavenger receptor class B type I (mSR-BI) (U37799)
CK02137Rat zinc transporter, ZnT-2 (U50927)
CK02567Mouse thrombospondin, THBS2 (M64866)
  • These clone-gene combinations show TBLASTX values between e−18 and e−59. For each mammalian gene, the GenBank accession number is shown in parentheses.