Table 1

Comparison of intestinal tumor multiplicity in AKR and B6 Min/+ mice

Mice*Number of mice with tumorsTumor multiplicity, average ± SDAverage age, days
B6 Min/+68/68 (100%)29.2  ±  9.485
B6 Mom1A/A Min/+21/21 (100%)7.8  ±  3.4120
AKR Min/+43/170 (25%)0.3  ±  0.5138
  • For AKR Min/+ mice, the entire length of the small and large intestine was scored for tumors. For B6 Min/+ and B6 Mom1A/A Min/+ mice, four representative regions comprising approximately 40% of the entire intestinal tract were scored. The entire intestinal trace was also scored for a total of 37 AKR Apc+/+ mice (average age of 182 days). One tumor was found in the small intestine of one of these mice. No tumors were found in the entire intestinal tract of 25 B6 Apc+/+ mice (average age of 99 days). 

  • * Data for the B6 Min/+ and B6 MomlA/A Min/+ mice were taken from refs. 9 and 15, respectively. 

  • In total, 53 intestinal tumors were found in 170 AKR Min/+ mice. All tumors were in the small intestine. 

  • This lifespan is limited by the predisposition of AKR to lymphomagenesis.