Table 2

Intestinal tumor multiplicity in ENU-treated AKR Min/+ mice

Age at ENU treatmentNumber of Min/+ mice with tumorsTumor multiplicity, average ± SD
9–16 days18/18 (100%)12.8  ±  5.9
27–42 days19/24  (79%)1.9  ±  1.6
Untreated9/23  (39%)0.5  ±  0.8
  • Entire litters were treated with ENU as described in Materials and Methods. The entire length of the small and large intestine was scored. The average age (post-ENU) for the ENU-treated mice was 156 days. The average age for the untreated mice was 152 days. No tumors were found in any of 39 ENU-treated AKR Apc+/+ mice, 12 of which were treated at 9–16 days of age and the remaining 27 mice at 27–42 days of age. The average post-ENU age of the Apc+/+ mice was 138 days.