Table 2

Results of SPM analysis of MRI data

Less gray matter in affected members
 L. Broca’s area*−5028183.41
 R. caudate nucleus (head)82223.64
 L. caudate nucleus (head)*−91593.44
 L. preSMA/cingulate cortex*−109513.72
More gray matter in affected members
 L. anterior insula cortex−362463.93
 R. lentiform nucleus28−4−63.61
 L. lentiform nucleus−30−15−34.74
 R. sensorimotor cortex62−9444.06
 R. posterior temporal cortex56−2404.28
 L. posterior temporal cortex§−56−3864.80
 R. posterior thalamus§21−2705.01
 L. posterior thalamus−22−3233.48
 R. angular gyrus40−72243.70
 L. angular gyrus*−36−80363.34
  • L, left; R, right. 

  • * Uncorrected P value of <0.001: showed functional abnormality in the PET study. 

  • Uncorrected P value of <0.001: known motor or anterior language region. 

  • Uncorrected P value of <0.001: symmetrical with region labeled with ∗ or §. 

  • § Corrected P value of <0.05.