Table 2

Type 5 adenoviral DNA suppresses the human PBMC cytokine response to E. coli (EC) DNA

DNA addedIFN-γ
EC (50 μg/ml)509
EC (5 μg/ml)554
EC (0.5 μg/ml)285
EC (0.05 μg/ml)173
Adv* (50 μg/ml)<10
Adv (5 μg/ml)<10
EC/Adv (50:50 μg/ml)23
EC/Adv (5:50 μg/ml)<10
EC/Adv (0.5:0.5 μg/ml)25
  • The second column represents the level of IFN-γ production by ELISA (pg/ml) from 24-hr supernatants of human PBMC cultured at 1 × 105 cells/200 μl in RPMI 1640 medium with 10% autologous serum. Similar inhibitory effects were seen when using PBMC from several different donors and from murine spleen cells. 

  • * Type 2 adenoviral DNA had indistinguishable immune effects (not shown).