Table 1

Susceptibility of isogenic strains to PG-1

Strain*Relevant genotypePG-1 MGIC, μg/ml
FA19Wild type4.37  (±0.88)
KH12mtrC::Km0.75  (±0.28)
KH14mtrD::Km0.69  (±0.22)
RD1mtrE::Km0.2  (±0.11)
BR54 mtrD54 0.67  (±0.31)
WV2As BR54 but mtrD547.14  (±2.67)
  • * The construction of transformant strains KH12, KH14, and RD1 has been described (1418). Strain BR54 was kindly provided by P. F. Sparling (21). Strain WV2 is a spontaneous mutant of BR54 that displays enhanced HA-resistance (22). 

  • As determined by the growth inhibition assay using 0.2× GCB broth with 20 to 0.15 μg of PG-1 per ml. The results are mean values (±SD) from at least four independent determinations.