Table 3

Selected cortical areas with differential activity during encoding: Interactions

Region, gyrusHemBAPLSSPMZ score
Words NS > words LN, opposite effect in pictures (LV 4)
Extrastriate, GLRight1810−74−814−76−82.5
Extrastriate, GLLeft18−20−820−38−8443.2
Extrastriate, GTiLeft37−54−680−48−68−82.6
Temporal, GTsRight2240−26848−4642.8
Temporal, GHRight28−22−8
Words LN > words NS, opposite effect in pictures (LV 4)
Prefrontal, GFiRight4532184281604.5
Prefrontal, GFmLeft9−401628
Temporal, GTTRight4128−321232−36122.8
Words NS & LN > words SM, opposite effect in pictures (LV 5)
Prefrontal, GFsRight92052281430243.1
Prefrontal, GFmLeft8/9−323236−2630323.0
Premotor, GPrCRight64241636−642.6
Motor, GPrCLeft4−56012−56483.1
Words SM > words NS & LN, opposite effect in pictures (LV 5)
Prefrontal, GObLeft11−1648−8−1028−124.0
Prefrontal, GFsLeft9−85036−1252162.6
Prefrontal, GFsLeft8−183844−632482.6
  • NS, nonsemantic; LN, learn; SM, semantic. Maxima and Z scores from SPM95 are from contrasts denoting stimulus × encoding interactions. Other abbreviations are the same as in Table 2