Table 1

Gene fragments used in MLST analysis

GeneFragment size, bpnAnomalies*
AllelesVariable sitesMLEEMLST
abcZ 43315753 (2)4 (3)
adk 465103800
aroE 4901816623
gdh 501162822
mtg 497166112
pdhC 480248022
pgm 450217733
pilA 432365012 (11)15 (14)
pip 417192677
ppk 579237779
serC 451296713 (7)21 (15)
  • * The numbers of alleles in groups of at least four strains in the reference set of 107 meningococcal isolates that are inconsistent with strain relationships previously determined by MLEE or within the clustering obtained by MLST at a genetic distance of ≤0.35 in Fig. 1. The numbers in parentheses are the numbers of anomalous alleles when replicate anomalies within a given grouping are counted only once. 

  • The six genes used to generate Fig. 2 are shown in boldface. These genes provided data that were consistent both between MLEE and MLST as well as within MLST groups. The mtg gene fragment was excluded from the set of six because of its close physical linkage to aroE.