Table 1

Polymorphic nucleotides in Hcr9s

Hcr9Length, bpUnique PSIPSShared IPS*MW/NL/SCSpecific IPS
ΨNLOA 2956675073711360
ΨNLOB 2555634873701170
NLOD 2559824853651200
NLOE 230475450375750
NLOC 2565225053946105
MW4A 25953517457060
MW9A 25955516454062
MW4B 216016414372042
MW9B 259511515467048
MW4C 25868510455055
Cf-9 258911512464048
Cf-4 241819465412053
MW9D 259817516476040
MW4E 256518496442054
MW9E 25864511457054
MWO 253526503460043
SCOA 25957516456060
ΨSCOB 228927454420034
  • Unique PS, number of polymorphic sites (PS) with nucleotides not found at the corresponding position in any other Hcr9. IPS, number of informative polymorphic sites (IPS) per sequence. This number differs between Hcr9s because of specific deletions and the coincidence of unique nucleotides at otherwise informative sites. Shared IPS, number of IPS carrying nucleotides found in sequences from other clusters. 

  • Specific IPS, number of IPS carrying nucleotides found only in sequences from NL or MW. No sites with IPS specific for SC exist. 

  • * For NLOC the number of IPS shared with both NL and MW is given. 

  • For NLOC the number of sites shared only with NL (specific IPS NL) or only with MW (specific IPS MW) is given.