Table 1

The daf-18(nr2037) mutation suppresses the dauer-constitutive phenotype of daf-2(e1370)

Genotype of parentTransgenePhenotype of progeny at 25°C, %
L4 and adultDauerPartial dauerOthern
Wild typenone100000250
daf-2(e1370) none010000376
daf-18(nr2037) none98.5001.5200
daf-2(e1370); daf-18(nr2037) none96.5003.5310
daf-2(e1370); daf-18(nr2037) daf-18(+)
daf-2(e1370); daf-18(nr2037) daf-18(−) 99001.0205
  • Eggs were collected at 20°C during a 10-hour period and then shifted to 25°C. Phenotypes were scored at 48 hours after the temperature shift and confirmed by rescoring 24 hours later. Partial dauers are defined as those with less constriction or with less darkness of the intestine than typical dauer progeny observed in the daf-2(e1370) strain. “Other” includes animals that died as young larvae or those with grossly abnormal morphology. Wild type, Bristol N2 strain. n, total number of animals scored. 

  •  Stable transgenic lines were established using the wild-type genomic daf-18 fragment, daf-18(+), or the same fragment with a deletion of exons 1 and 2, daf-18(−). Transgene data are the combined total from three independent lines.