Table 2

The daf-18(nr2037) mutation suppresses the dauer-constitutive phenotype of age-1(m333)

Genotype of parentPhenotype of Progeny at 20°C, %
L4 and adultDauerPartial dauerOthersn
age-1(m333) 010000410
age-1(m333); daf-18(nr2037) 100000320
  • Eggs were collected at 20°C during a 10-hour period and maintained at 20°C. Phenotypes were scored twice, first at 48 hours, and then again at 72 hours after egg laying. Homozygous age-1(m333)/age-1(m333) hermaphrodites were obtained from age-1(m333)/mnC1[dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)] parents. Definitions for the partial dauers or others are as in Table 1. n, total number of animals scored.