Table 2

Sensitivities of HIV-1LAI, HIV-1Ba-L, and HIV-2EHO to various PIs, including JE-533 and JE-2147

VirusPhenotypeCellsIC50, μM
  • * IC50s were determined by using PHA-PBMCs exposed to HIV-1 (50 TCID50 dose, 105 PBMCs) and by using the inhibition of p24 Gag protein production as an endpoint on day 7 of culture. All assays were conducted in triplicate. The values shown are representatives of two or three separate experiments. 

  • MT-2 cells (2 × 103) were exposed to 100 TCID50 of HIV-1LAI or HIV-2EHO and were cultured in the presence of various concentrations of reverse transcriptase inhibitors and PIs, and the IC50s were determined by using MTT assay on day 7 of culture. All assays were conducted in duplicate, and the values shown are representative of two or three repeated experiments.