Table 1

Distribution of sopE among S. typhimurium isolates*

  • * Presence of sopE was analyzed by DNA hybridization (probe V; Materials and Methods). Isolates were part of the SARA collection (a) or clinical isolates from Germany (b). The unrooted phylogenetic tree in a was adapted from ref. 18

  • SARA4DT20;E+

  • 624/96DT68;E, DT68 reference strainDT68;E, 11075/97DT68;E, 11635/98DT69;E+, 1061/97DT68;E+

  • § 305/70DT175;E, 1/82DT175;E+, 198/82DT175;E+, 1646/85DT175;E+, 1662/82DT175;E+, 533/82DT175;E+, 1357/80DT175;E+, DT175 reference strainDT175;E. --, not determined.