Table 2

Southern blot analysis of the SopEΦ-pro-phage in S. typhimurium 3351/78

Probe (source/hybridization temperature)*Fragments detected, kb
I(S. typhi/55°C)§V0/3.5H0/8
II(S. typhi/55°C)V3.5/14.5V14.5/20H8/11.5H11.5/14H14/27.4
III(S. typhi/55°C)V14.5/20V20/22.5H14/27.4
IV(S. typhi/55°C)V20/22.5H14/27.4
V(S. typhimurium/64°C)V22.5/29H14/27.4
VI(S. typhimurium/64°C)V22.5/29H27.4/45
VII(S. typhimurium/64°C)V29/34.5H27.4/45
VIII(S. typhimurium/64°C)V29/34.5H27.4/45
  • * Probes derived from S. typhi or S. typhimurium (Materials and Methods; Fig. 2). 

  • See Fig. 2 for a restriction map. 

  • No signals were obtained with A36DT36;E

  • § Probe 1 did not detect fragment V3.5/14.5

  • Probe IV did not detect fragment V22.5/29

  • Also detects a 2.7-kb EcoRV and a >20-kb HindIII fragment from A36DT36;E