Table 1

Reactions of strains on bean and soybean

StrainBean cultivar Soybean cultivar
Canadian WonderTendergreenRed MexicanOsumiChoska
P.s. pv. glycineaHRHRHRSS
Pph race 7SSHR*HRS−
RW60 (pAV518)S−S−S−HRN
RW60 (pAV533)S−S−S−HRN
Race 7∷virPphAHRdHRdHR*S−S−
  • S, fully susceptible water-soaked lesion; S−, slower development of lesions than S; HRd, delayed HR after initial water-soaking; N, null reaction, no cell browning. 

  • * HR characteristic of the avrPphF/R1 interaction. 

  • HR in pods more orange in color than ∗.