Table 1

Proposed role of each mutation introduced into 5-6c8

56c8 mutationsGenerationDistance to S189 OγProposed role for 5-6c8 mutations
H322R121.8  ÅStabilizes 314–324 loop. Moves 265-275 active site forming loop. Interacts with M358V, L144M, and L334S.
Y370F116.3  ÅPerhaps results in more favorable solvation.
M358V211.4  ÅReorganizes 265–275 and 315–325 loops. Interacts with L144M. H322R, and L334S.
L144M318.5  ÅReorients helix 9, which stabilizes 265-275 loop. Interacts with M358V, H322R, and L334S.
160V418.1  ÅStabilizes 66–74 loop, allows 10 intramolecular H bonds.
L334S417.1  ÅStabilizes movement of helix 9 and 265-275 loop. Interacts with H322R, M358V, and L144M.
P317S520.8  ÅPerhaps stabilizes new orientation of 315-324 loop.