Table 2

Structural homologs of Zα

PDB IDZ-score*rms deviation [Å]LALIProteinα1 length
12.90.963Crystal structure of Zα bound to Z-DNA
1smt-A9.71.658Transcriptional repressor SmtBVery short
1hst-A8.71.961Histone H5Very short
1lea 8.42.062LexA repressorShort
1bia 7.52.257BirA biotin operon repressorShort
1cf7-A7.22.060Transcription factor E2F4Short
2cgp-C7.11.958Catabolite gene activator proteinVery short
1bja-A6.91.456Transcription regulator MotAShort
1opc 6.72.560Omp repressorShort
2fok-A6.31.857FokI restriction endonucleaseNo DNA
1xgs-A5.91.751Methionine aminopeptidaseNo DNA
1ecl 5.72.359Topoisomerase INo DNA
1bm9-A5.72.258Replication terminator proteinShort
2tdx 5.61.859DtxRVery short
5.32.357Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3γVery short
  • * The Z-score, calculated by using the program dali (21), describes the similarity between structures. Protein domains with Z-scores <2.0 are structurally dissimilar. 

  • Length of equivalenced residues. The Zα core domain (63 residues) served as input. 

  • Function other than DNA binding.