Table 1

Signaling activities of Tor mutants in vivo

tll expression hkb expression Hatching rate
nPercent of egg lengthnPercent of egg lengthnPercent hatched
Wild type4414.8308.222798
tor+1 copy4514.7488.319890
2 copies5114.8398.245093
torY630F1 copy3912.5495.838845
2 copies4912.4535.631847
torY644F1 copy4114.8468.136595
2 copies3714.9398.225094
torY656F1 copy4714.9418.245592
2 copies4114.8438.343090
torY698F1 copy4114.7388.320595
2 copies4514.8498.236094
torQuad1 copy2904102250
2 copies3303102000
torQuint1 copy3002702300
2 copies2904102250
torY767+772F1 copy3804903500
2 copies4104402600
torXR1 (lof)4504801950
  • The spatial domain of expression of tll and hkb was measured in WT and various tor mutants. n indicates the number of embryos scored in each experiment. The domain of expression of both tll and hkb was detected as the percent of egg length, and the standard deviation for each sample size is indicated. Hatching rates were determined as the number of hatching larvae divided by the total number of fertilized eggs.