Table 1

Analysis of gene expression patterns using RNA interference

Phenotype injectedRNA hybrid usedKnown expression/mutant phenotypeResulting phenotype% of mutants
yw67cMook-injected buffer + dyeWild-type MHCWild-type MHC 0
yw67cSodium azideUnknown, should have a wild-type MHCWild-type MHC 0
yw67ctwistTwisted embryos with marginal cuticular phenotypeTwisted embryos with marginal cuticular phenotype86
yw67cengrailedMerged denticular bands, lawn of cuticleMerged denticular bands, lawn of cuticle79
yw67cMef2No muscleNo muscle72
S59-β-galS59Muscles 18 and 25 absentMuscles 18 and 25 absent75
yw67cdaughterlessMost of the PNS absent; partly disrupted CNSMost of the PNS absent; partly disrupted DNS85
yw67cnautilusMutant phenotype unknownDisrupted muscle pattern; CNS and PNS normal76
yw67c3′ Nautilus domainMutant phenotype unknownDisrupted muscle pattern78
yw67c5′ Nautilus domainMutant phenotype unknownDisrupted muscle pattern76
yw67cbHLH domainMutant phenotype unknownDisrupted muscle pattern74
nau-β-galnautilusNautilus β-gal expression patternDisrupted β-gal muscle pattern80
nau-β-galβ-galNautilus β-gal expression patternβ-gal expression absent; wild-type MHC pattern80
  • MHC, major histocompatibility complex; β-gal, β-galactosidase.