Table 2

Phenotypes of PA14∷TnphoA mutants

ILess pathogenic in nematodes, plants, and micetoxA, gacA, ID7 (gacA), 35H7 (gacA), 25F1 (orfT), 34H4, pho15 (dsbA), pho34B12, 12A1 (lasR), 48D9 (lemA), 50E12 (pstP), 3E8 (phzB), 6A6 (phzB) 8C12, 36A4 (hrpM)
IILess pathogenic in nematodes and mice35A9 (mtrR), 44B1
IIILess pathogenic in plants and mice plcS, 33A9, 33C7, 25A12, 16G12
IVLess pathogenic in plants and nematodes;41A5, 23A2, 41C1 (aefA)
VLess pathogenic in nematodes only IG2
  • For most of the mutants, virulence in mice was determined at an inoculum of 5 × 105 cells, a relatively high dose that results in 100% mortality with PA14 wild type. It is conceivable that more of the mutants would be classified as being attenuated in mouse pathogenesis if a lower-inoculation dose had been used.