Table 1

Instability of microsatellite repeats

Locusspel1 −/− spel1 +/−
Chromosomes changedTotal chromosomes% changedChromosomes changedTotal chromosomes% changed
elf1 (CAG)70378001920
mam (CAG)711880.501900
sev (AC)143973.12982.0
35F (AT)17181929.401900
w (AT)139929.81961.0
U1a1 (AT)154438011.601920
tenA (AT)14149414.90950
AbdB (CA)2610037826.501920
  • One microsatellite-containing locus (yan, also known as aol) was omitted from the summary because we were unable to interpret the complex pattern of bands that it produced. It is possible that the mutation rate at this locus was so high that many of the flies tested were mosaics, i.e., with significant fractions of their cells having new mutations. Such flies could produce more than two sizes of alleles by PCR analysis. Total number of chromosomes tested is reported; not all lines were tested at each locus.