Table 1

Sequence changes in eds1 alleles

AlleleMutagenAllele-specific DNA changeChange in EDS1 protein
Ws eds1–1EMSG1688 ➛ AE466 ➛ K
Ler eds1–2FNDeletion 905–1844Truncated product S276 - stop
Ler eds1–3FNDeletion ∼ 500bp of promoter and part exon 1No product
Ler eds1–4FNDeletion 826–827Truncated product S259 - stop
Ws eds1–5EMSG394 ➛ AAlteration in 3′ splice acceptor site
Ws eds1–6EMSC743 ➛ TQ223 - stop
Ws eds1–7EMSC950 ➛ TQ292 - stop
WS eds1–8EMSC1298 ➛ TR368 - stop
  • Numbering of nucleotides is according to the Ler DNA sequence in Fig. 2