Table 1

Penetrance of the fertilization-independent endosperm phenotype in the female gametophyte

Ovule genotype (ecotype)Multinucleate central cells, %Gametophyte penetrance
Wild type0
f644/+ (Ler)7.515.0
f644/f644 (Ler)18.618.6
f644/+ (Col)10.320.6
f644/+ (WS)1.53.0
emb173/+ (WS)1.83.6
  • Multinucleate central cells had 3 or more nuclei. Nuclei were counted 6 days after emasculation. Number of ovules checked were: Landsberg erecta (Ler), 515; Columbia glabrous1 (Col), 283; Wassilewskija (WS), 1739; f644/+ (Ler), 273; f644/f644 (Ler), 613; f644/+ (Col), 145; f644/+ (WS), 861; emb173/+ (WS), 954.