Table 1

Cosegregation of elevated AsA levels and the selectable marker in vtc1-1 lines transformed with genomic copy(s) of the VTC1 locus

LineAsA+ *no. Bastar/totalAsA o. Bastar/total
179 (10/10)28 (1/11)
270 (10/10)34 (0/12)
375 (11/11)29 (0/10)
  • AsA levels were scored by using a nitroblue tetrazolium-based visual method in three independent lines of segregating T2 generation plants obtained from self-pollination of glufosinate-ammonium resistant T1 individuals. Two-week-old plants were scored as AsA positive (+) if a single leaf treated with nitroblue tetrazolium (1 mg/ml) produced a visually similar amount of formazan (from reduction by AsA) as wt, whereas plants were scored as AsA negative (−) if the formazan precipitate was virtually absent. For each T2 line, 10–12 individuals from both AsA (+) and AsA (−) classes were then tested for resistance to the selectable marker. Bastar, glufosinate-ammonium resistant.