Table 1

Results of thermal denaturation experiments with DOR-AS-1

LNAs synthesizedDNA complement Tm, °CRNA complement Tm, °CNo complement*Tm, °C
All-DNA 5′-gtgtccgagacgttg5956n.t.
LNA-DNA mix-mer 5′-gTgTCCgAgACgTTg83>9073
LNA-DNA gap-mer 5′-GTGTccgagaCGTTG7283n.t.
  • LNA monomers are shown in capital letters, whereas standard DNA monomers are shown in lower-case letters. Melting temperatures (Tm values) were obtained from the maxima of the first derivatives of the melting curves (A260 vs. temperature; 10–90°C with a 1°C increase per min), recorded in medium salt buffer (10 mM sodium phosphate/100 mM NaCl/0.1 mM EDTA, pH 7.0) by using 1.5-μM concentrations of the two complementary strands, assuming identical extinction coefficients for modified and unmodified nucleotides with the same nucleobase. 

  • * 3.0 μM concentrations of LNAs used. 

  • n.t., no transition detected; as no transition was detected, and Tm values were detected for the homo-complexes, self pairing above 10°C is precluded. 

  • Transitions above 90°C assumed.