Table 2

Spatial distribution of CheA

Background strainChromosome-encoded MCPsPlasmid-encoded MCPsTotal no. of particlesNo. of total particles in cytoplasmMembrane particles Membrane particles per sectionNo. of polar clustersSize of polar clusters
Polar particles Lateral particles
%% in clusters%% in clusters
RP437AllNone847193774223122.0593.6  ± 0.1
UU1250NoneTsr7001088339176.11.9504.7  ± 0.3
UU1250NoneTar5871867438268.51.2274.0  ± 0.2
UU1250NoneTap67286803520101.8453.7  ± 0.1
UU1250NoneTrg5721097825*229.51.4273.3  ± 0.1
  • For each strain, 320 longitudinal cell sections were scored except for RP437, for which 160 cells were considered. Data for cluster size are expressed as mean ± SEM. Percentages of polarity and clustering in all strains were compared to wild-type values by χ2 analysis, and those with values significantly different from RP437 have been marked with an asterisk.