Table 2. Summary of GSEA results with FDR ≤ 0.25
Gene set FDR
Data set: Lymphoblast cell lines
    Enriched in males
        chrY <0.001
        chrYp11 <0.001
        chrYq11 <0.001
        Testis expressed genes 0.012
    Enriched in females
        X inactivation genes <0.001
        Female reproductive tissue expressed genes 0.045
Data set: p53 status in NCl-60 cell lines
    Enriched in p53 mutant
        Ras signaling pathway 0.171
    Enriched in p53 wild type
        Hypoxia and p53 in the cardiovascular system <0.001
        Stress induction of HSP regulation <0.001
        p53 signaling pathway <0.001
        p53 up-regulated genes 0.013
        Radiation sensitivity genes 0.078
Data set: Acute leukemias
    Enriched in ALL
        chr6q21 0.011
        chr5q31 0.046
        chr13q14 0.057
        chr14q32 0.082
        chr17q23 0.071
Data set: Lung cancer outcome, Boston study
    Enriched in poor outcome
        Hypoxia and p53 in the cardiovascular system 0.050
        Aminoacyl tRNA biosynthesis 0.144
        Insulin upregulated genes 0.118
        tRNA synthetases 0.157
        Leucine deprivation down-regulated genes 0.144
        Telomerase up-regulated genes 0.128
        Glutamine deprivation down-regulated genes 0.146
        Cell cycle checkpoint 0.216
Data set: Lung cancer outcome, Michigan study
    Enriched in poor outcome
        Glycolysis gluconeogenesis 0.006
        vegf pathway 0.028
        Insulin up-regulated genes 0.147
        Insulin signalling 0.170
        Telomerase up-regulated genes 0.188
        Glutamate metabolism 0.200
        Ceramide pathway 0.204
        p53 signalling 0.179
        tRNA synthetases 0.225
        Breast cancer estrogen signalling 0.250
        Aminoacyl tRNA biosynthesis 0.229