Table 1

Myxobacterial strains and plasmids

Bacteria or plasmidCharacteristicsRef.
DK1622M. xanthus standard strain 51
DK5517DK1622 Ω4414 tetr dev∷pLT19 18
DK7536DK1622 Ω7536 40
DK10469DK1622 pilA∷lacZ, pilA+
pLT47.8 kb SalI fragment containing part of the dev operon 18
pBJ113pUC118 containing kanr and galK; Plasmid used for constructing gene replacements. Derived from pKG2 26
pBJ113 ckgfppBJ113 containing a transcriptional fusion of the dev operon and gfpThis work
pBJ130pPLT4 with the BamHI to EcoRI sites missing from the polylinker regionThis work
pBJgfp1-2An Xbal amber linker ligated into pSPgfp-1This work
pSPgfp-1gfp ligated into pSP72This work