Table 1

Transformation of M. acetivorans with various mini-MAR delivery plasmids

PlasmidElement (orientation)PurR colonies/μg DNA*
pWM381mini-MAR366 (+)58  ± 43
pWM382mini-MAR366 (−)84  ± 48
pWM397mini-MAR367 (+)91  ± 49
pWM398mini-MAR367 (−)95  ± 50
pJK57mini-MAR366 (+)278  ± 142
pJK58mini-MAR366 (−)258  ± 103
pJK59mini-MAR367 (+)236  ± 102
pJK60mini-MAR367 (−)208  ± 159
  • Approximately 109 cells were transformed with 2 μg of each of the indicated plasmids as described in Materials and Methods. All plasmids express the tnp gene from the strongly expressed M. barkeri Fusaro mcrB promoter. Plasmids pJK57, pJK58, pJK59, and pJK60 are identical to pWM381, pWM382, pWM397, and pWM398, respectively, except that each carries a hyperactive mutant derivative of the tnp gene. Orientation of the mini-MAR element is arbitrarily defined. The + orientation has the right inverted repeat (IR-R) closer to the 5′ end of the tnp gene. The − orientation has the left inverted repeat (IR-L) element closer to the 5′ end of the tnp gene. 

  • * The numbers shown are the average and SD of at least four trials.