Table 2

Color and proposed genotypes for fruit color classes

This study Hurtado-Hernandez and Smith
Genotype Fruit colorGenotypeFruit color
Y + C1 + C2 + Red Y + C1 + C2 + Red
Y + c1 C2 + Red Y + c1 C2 + Light red
Y + C1 + c2 Peach Y + C1 + c2 Orange
Y + c1 c2 Peach Y + c1 c2 Pale orange
y C1 + C2 + Orange y C1 + C2 + Orange-yellow
y c1 C2 + Orange y C1 + c2 Pale orange-yellow
y C1 + c2 Cream y c1 C2 + Lemon-yellow
y c1 c2 Cream y c1 c2 White
  • The classes were observed in a segregating population derived from a cross between a red-fruited parent, C. chinense PI 152225, and a white-fruited parent, C. annuum 4751, compared with genotypic classes predicted by the Hurtado-Hernandez and Smith genetic model (34).