Table 1

Time lags of interactions

Phasesθ/α, msγ, ms
Cross-correlation-absolute phases
 Cat L50.7  ± 9.10.7  ± 0.1
 Cat T20.8  ± 8.20.7  ± 0.2
 Cat P18.2  ± 3.11.9  ± 0.3
Interareal phases (go stimuli)
 Cat L−58.0
 Cat T−29.0
 Cat P−16.4
  • For cross-correlation, average absolute time lags were determined for all significant cross-correlation functions for both types of stimuli (go and no-go) in the θ/α and γ frequency ranges. The substantial difference between phase-lagged cross-correlation in the θ/α frequency range and synchronized activity in the γ frequency range was present also when separate analysis of go and no-go stimuli was performed (data not shown). For interareal phases, the time lags were computed during go stimuli for the interareal interactions only. Averaged over electrodes, a significant negative time lag was observed in all animals (P < 0.05). In contrast, no statistically significant bias was observed during the presentation of no-go stimuli.