Table 2

At a low glucose concentration the ATP concentration can become too low to start up glycolysis in the absence of the glycosome

Glycosome[Glc]out, mMCytosolic conc., mM Glycosomal conc., mM HK saturation, %
  • The steady-state adenine nucleotide concentrations have been calculated at different extracellular glucose concentrations. The percentage saturation of HK with ATP was calculated as 100%·([ATP]/Km,ATPHK)/(1 + [ATP]/Km,ATPHK + [ADP]/Km,ADPHK), in which Km,ATPHK was 0.116 mM and Km,ADPHK was 0.126 mM (9). In the absence of a glycosome the cytosolic concentrations of ATP and ADP were used, and if HK was localized in the glycosome, the glycosomal concentrations of these compounds were used.