Table 1

Variation among replicates and differences between treatments

TraitHAM LAM P values
nRepl. 1Repl. 2Repl. 3TotalnRepl. 1Repl. 2Repl. 3TotalTreat/repl., ms*Repl./error, ms*
 Development time, h3892522552562543452682712772720.00410.0009
 Dry weight, μg90250236240242902572612652610.01560.0468
 Days 13–1534043.839.738.840.832228.528.124.827.00.00350.1071
 Days 31–33 (late)12431.729.926.229.810431.931.335.133.20.10080.7189
 Development time, h3892592592612603342702802772760.00610.0001
 Dry weight, μg3882061921941973322212122172170.01820.0054
  • Mean values of traits measured in November 1997, 4 years after the experiment started, except female dry weights, which were measured February 1998. Repl., replicate; ms, mean square. 

  • *Significance levels from ANOVA.