Table 1

Average seed set per pod for the transgenic lines (T1 generation) when reciprocally crossed with parental lines

Female × PollenTransgene*Seeds per podNo. of podsNo. of plants
W1 (S910S910) × (Self)0.2854
W1 (S910S910) × Westar18.3483
Tg (Fos20)   × W1 (S910S910)+1.644619
Tg (Fos20) × Westar+20.527919
Tg (Fos20) × T2 (SA14SA14)+19.3827
W1 (S910S910) × Tg (Fos20)21.8493
Tg (Fos22) × W1 (S910S910)+0.7§2697
Tg (Fos22) × Westar+12.8§1127
Tg (Fos22) × T2 (SA14SA14)+12.4§232
W1 (S910S910) × Tg (Fos22)11.4§523
  • *“+” indicates presence of the transgene; “−” indicates loss of the transgene caused by segregation. 

  • For the Fos20 transgenic lines, the data are the combination of all three lines (3A, 5B, and 6A). 

  • Tg, transgenic lines in the self-compatible Westar background. 

  • §The somewhat lower seed set for some of the plants was caused by the conditions in the growth chamber.