Table 1

ORFs and fragments of genetic elements in the EELs of Pto DC3000, Psy B728a, and Psy 61 and similarities with known avr genes and mobile genetic elements

ORF or
% G+CSizeblastE value with representative similar
sequence in database, or relevant feature
Pto* DC3000
 ORF155466 aaHrp-secreted (J.R.A., unpublished data)
 TnpA′55279 aa1e-125 P. stutzeri TnpA1 (52)
 ORF251241 aaNone
 ORF353138 aaNone
 ORF447136 aaNone
Psy* B728a
 ORF151323 aa9e-40 Pph* AvrPphC (53)
 ORF258382 aa1e-154 Pph AvrPphE (10)
 ORF355507 aa2e-63 E. coli L0015 (34)
 ORF455118 aa9e-9 E. coli L0014 (34)
 ORF549411 aa1e-4 Xcv AvrBsT (29)
 ORF652120 aaNone
 B plasmid46  96 nt1e-25 Pph pAV511 (13)
 IntA′59  49 aa3e-5 E. coli CP4-like integrase (34)
Psy* 61
 HopPsyA53375 aaHrp-secreted Avr (15, 16)
 ORF157112 aa6e-4 Yersinia pestis pCD1 Y0008 (54)
  • * Pathovar abbreviations correspond to the recommendations of Vivian and Mansfield (55) for uniform avr nomenclature.