Table 1

Results of stepwise multiple linear regressions of monthly variations in allochthonous prey contribution to the diets of forest bird and stream fish species on allochthonous prey flux and in situ prey biomass

SpeciesSourceStandardized coefficientR2
 Great titTerrestrial prey biomass−0.74*0.55*
 Marsh titTerrestrial prey biomass−0.84*0.70*
 NuthatchTerrestrial prey biomass−0.59*0.35*
 Pigmy woodpeckerTerrestrial prey biomass<0.01
 Rainbow troutTerrestrial prey flux0.86*0.89*
Aquatic prey biomass−0.20
 White-spotted charTerrestrial prey flux0.95*0.90*
 Dolly VardenTerrestrial prey flux0.85*0.72*
 Masu salmonTerrestrial prey flux0.83*0.69*
 Freshwater sculpinTerrestrial prey flux0.79*0.85*
Aquatic prey biomass−0.30*
  • *, Significant, P < 0.05.