Table 1

A set of A. thaliana (A.t.) or C. arenosa (C.a.) genes is differentially expressed in A. suecica

ClonePredicted transcript or proteinSequence identity, %*Parental origin determined by AFLP-cDNA and sequencingChromosomal location in A. thaliana
A122TCP3 family100A.t.1
L113Transcription factor IIB100C.a.4
S822NAC protein97C.a.5
S823Bell homeodomain 2100A.t.4
S882Putative transposase100A.t.1
S862Untranslated RNA97C.a.4
S813ATP/GTP nucleotide-binding protein100A.t.5
S842Glutathione-regulated potassium eflux system protein100A.t.4
S814Putative protein87C.a.3
  • * The percentage of sequence identity is determined by alignment analyses using the sequences (in a range of 150 to 300 bp) of the cloned cDNA fragments and orthologous genes and/or expressed sequence tags in the AtDB or GenBank.